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Diabetes Support Group

Due to the increase in Diabetes within the nation and the number of patients within our area who have Diabetes, our Patient Participation Group from Shevington Surgery has set up a Diabetes Support Grou

This is an opportunity for people with Diabetes to come along and share/discuss the way they deal with Diabetes as well as getting support from other patients.  We will be inviting guest speakers/specialist to our meeting who work within this area along with representatives from the Diabetes UK as well as help from the surgery’s NHS professionals.

Come along for a chat and a drink.

St Anne’s Parish Centre, Church Lane, Shevington 7.00pm-8.30pm

The first Monday of every month (except Bank Holidays)

For further information contact Jane on 07818641052 or ask at reception

Personal story

I was diagnosed with Diabetes 4 years ago and the nurses where very helpful at our surgery. I went in search of any local support group that I could get continued support from may be talk to other people with the same condition and swap information/advice.

There was nothing in my area, so I and another member of our PPG visited a support group already set up in Clitheroe.  From this I got in touch with Diabetes UK, and a lady came to our PPG meeting and gave us some information on how we could set up our own support group.  We decided on opening a group but we did not want a chair person etc. So far myself and Angela Martin have been running this since February, and now have a group of 8-10 participants all with Diabetes type1 or type2.

The impact on the group is we are slowly growing in numbers and each time we meet we are continually learning from one another.  Some people have Type 1 and have the new device that is attached to them and they are sharing what that is like for them and also with talking to one another they are sharing information. The group wanted someone to come talk to them about exercising so I arranged for someone from Wigan council to talk to us on keeping healthy with exercise.

Come talk to us and we can help if anyone is interested.